Data Center Infrastructure Optimization

Data Center Infrastructure Optimization is a holistic approach to maximize availability while minimizing costs. Environmental Control Specialists will analyze your data center and propose solutions to assist you with reducing operating costs and improve PUE.

ECS will:

• Evaluate your current system for improvements that translate into big savings
• Propose air flow management solutions with the latest technology
• Review rack configurations
• Calculate current cooling requirements
• Assess HVAC equipment for potential modification and energy savings
• Review critical power components and recommend energy efficient upgrades


ECS has optimized data centers to increase IT capacity while decreasing energy consumption

The proposal for your room may be simple – sealing openings, maximizing opportunities with hot aisle / cold aisle configurations or utilizing containment solutions – or more involved. ECS may be able to increase IT availability while decreasing your energy consumption. ECS can serve as you Energy Certification Partner, validating the energy savings that may assist you in securing utility company rebates. ECS is a certified AEP solutions provider.


ECS can show you, through the use of thermal photography, how simple changes in your data center can increase efficiency. We can help you identify leaks through, under, over, and around your racks. We can assist you with plenum integrity.

ECS can develop a comprehensive plan suited to meet your needs. Your plan can be implemented all at once or phased in to meet a multi-year capital budget.