Design / Build

Site Selection

Environmental Control Specialists has worked with clients as they evaluate potential sites, whether that process includes selection within an existing structure in your current site or selection of a new facility in a different location. ECS will assist the client with evaluation of the power feeds available to provide redunduncy to meet tier requirements. Site selection criteria also includes::

• Availability of clean air for air side economization & gaseous containment control
• Availability of reliable power
• Frequency of natural disasters
• Distance from transportation hubs
• Distance from existing sites
• Fiber connectivity

Even within an existing building, site selection can be an important component in determining the infrastructure choices available for the data center. ECS can show how the location can add flexibility to the data center design. Site selection can greatly impact the total cost of the project.



ECS engages experienced engineers to evaluate and design your solution. Because ECS has experience working with many vendors, your solution will be designed to use the most effective technology for your enterprise. ECS can select the “Best of Breed” – a unique mx to maximize each vendor’s strengths in developing a solution that is right for you.

“Plan for the future, build for the present”

ECS can help you design a solution that meet’s todays needs with an eye to the future.  Scalable alternatives can be developed to assist your firm in planning for long-term capital budgets.  Whether you are designing a server closet for your phone system or are striving for 2N+1 redundancy, ECS can help meet your specific needs.


Single Point of Contact

After the design of your project is complete, ECS will manage the project build for you. ECS will have a hands-on, on-site manager coordinating the details. ECS has experienced general, mechanical and electrical contractors available to build your project.  If you prefer, ECS can engage the services of your preferred subcontractors.

ECS will manage all the details for you, from scheduling deliveries, to obtaining permits, to meeting with you regularly to keep you apprised of all the details on the project. ECS will deliver your room to you on time and within budget.

Products and Services include:

• Access Floor / Computer Room Flooring
– DirectAire
– SmartAire
– PowerAire
– Perforated Panels
– Directional Airflow Panels

• Containment
– Cold Aisle
– Hot Aisle
– End of aisle doors

• Ducted Cabinets
– Chimneys

• IsoFlo

• Clean Agent Fire Suppression
– Halon Replacement
– FM200
– FE 25
– Intergen
– Sapphire

• Generators
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
• Power Distribution
• Power Conditioning
• Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
• InRow Solutions
• Rack Mounted PDUs